Hamster Rumble

Hamster Rumble Carnival Game for School Carnivals in Naperville

Hamster Rumble

When planning you next School Carnival in Naperville, Aurora, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs our Hamster Rumble game will add lots of fun and excitement to your list of games.  Let’s get ready to Hamster Rumble!  Our Hamster Rumble game can involve up to three players to help move your lines along, and include many players throughout your event. The battery powered hamsters spin in their plastic globes creating a frenzy of action on the playing surface. Players free their hamster from the staging area, and then watch as their hamsters try to avoid falling into the circle cut out spaces where they are then out of the action. The last hamster to stay free from the holes is the winner.

Hamster Rumble

Combine the Hamster Rumble carnival game rental with some of our other fun games of chance and skill to create your own custom games package. Add in some of our fun food machines and interactive inflatable activities to create a complete event package for your School Carnival or Fun Fair in Naperville or any of the surrounding towns. Ask about our custom prize packages. We offer redemption or prize at the game packages.

The target age group to play Hamster Rumble would be age 6 and up. Players will need to be tall enough to reach the tabletop and watch the action. No special skills are required,  just cheer on your hamster to victory!

Please allow a space of at least 6 feet wide by 6 feet long to play Hamster Rumble comfortably. You may want to allow some extra space for spectators to cheer on the players. This game can be set up in the center of your space to create a focal point at your event.

Let the experienced event planners help you plan your next School Carnival, Fun Fair or special event in Naperville, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs.  Our games and activities will add the wow factor you need to help create a memorable event.

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