Dice Roll Carnival Game

School Fun Fair Games- Dice Roll Carnival Game

Dice Roll Carnival Game

Let The Fun Ones help plan your next School Fun Fair in Naperville, Chicago, Aurora or the surrounding suburbs by reserving the Dice Roll carnival game rental. We offer a wide selection of games that will provide hours of entertainment to your guests at a School Carnival, Fun Fair, Church Festival or birthday party.

Dice Roll Carnival Game

Our Dice Roll carnival game rental is a classic tabletop game that is fun for all ages. The player chooses a number from 1 to 6. They roll the giant dice onto the playing surface to see if they can match their number. Volunteers will love this game since there are no balls or beanbags to retrieve or pieces to stack up for each turn. Dice Roll carnival game rental is a fast-paced game that will keep the line moving with many turns per hour. Players at your School Fun Fair in Naperville or anywhere will want to try Dice roll many times to see if their luck will help land on a winning number.

The recommended target age to play Dice Roll would be 4 years old and up. Players will not need any special skills to play, they will just need to be able to reach the playing surface and roll the large red dice.

Our Dice Roll game will need to be set up on a table that is at least 6 ft long. Please allow a space of 7 ft long X 4 ft wide to play this game comfortably.

Please call The Fun Ones to have one of our experienced event planners assist you when planning your School Fun Fair in Naperville, Aurora, Chicago or any of the surrounding suburbs. We can create a custom package for your event with games, fun food machines and inflatable activities that will be sure to please everyone!

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