Tin Pan Alley Carnival Game Rental


For your next Aurora Carnival Rental or a rental in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, Tin Pan Alley is a fun game to add to your list that will appeal to all ages. Our Tin Pan Alley carnival game rental is a classic carnival game that requires the players to roll two balls downhill and onto the playing surface made up of muffin tins. There are four colors represented in the cups of the tins. Most are white and blue, but some gold and some special red spaces are scattered among the tins. When a player matches two colors, they are a winner. The red space will act as a “wild” space and will match any other color for an instant winner. This game combines skill with luck to give anyone a chance to win. Tin Pan Alley will require a six ft long table for set up. See the video below to see the game in action!

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Combine the Tin Pan Alley carnival game rental with some of our other fun games of skill and luck for a custom games package. Combine your games with some of our fun food machines such as Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and one of our interactive inflatable activities for a complete event package. We also offer custom prize packages to reward the lucky players.

The target age group recommended to play Tin Pan Alley from our Aurora Carnival Rental selections would be age 5 and up. Players will need to be able to reach the ramp to send their ball down onto the playing area. Volunteers can let the players know if they have won if they are not able to see the playing surface.

Please allow at least a 4 ft wide by 7 ft long area to play Tin Pan Alley comfortably. We will provide all the game pieces to play the game, you will only need to supply a table for set up. These requirements do not pertain to every game in our Aurora Carnival Rental selection, call today if you have questions about any of our other games!

Our experienced team of event planners and delivery staff are here to help make your next Aurora Carnival Rental, School Carnival or Fun Fair rental in your town a success. Let us take the work out of planning your event large or small we can make it a Fun One!

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