Bulls Eye Golf


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Enjoy golf and darts? Try the Bulls Eye Challenge. We have combined two great games into one. Chip the golf balls onto the Velcro dart board and try to hit a bulls eye. With Bulls Eye Challenge you can play all the traditional dart games like 301, 501, 701, 901, Cricket, Double In / Double Out, Cut Throat, and Shanghai. The only difference is you are using golf clubs instead of darts. Bulls Eye Challenge includes golf clubs and appropriate golf balls. The oversized dart board measures 3’x7’x 8’tall. Bulls Eye Challenge can be played indoors or out.

For a different type of golf experience try our Golden Tee arcade game. When you play golden Tee you’ll feel like a PGA pro when you choose a club, step up to the tee and drive your ball down the fairway. You can control the flight of the ball by creating a hook or slice or even by putting back spin on the ball using the unique trackball controller. Golden Tee’s competitive cutting-edge trackball control formed the model of success that this game became so well known for. Its uniquely intuitive controls, coupled with a simple, yet highly competitive video game experience earned Golden Tee the title of the “pool table of the next generation”.

Up to four players can compete at one time for the lowest score. You can choose from either amateur or a number of professional courses to challenge yourself and your competition.

For more ideas for golf themed rental or other amusement rentals, contact us here at The fun Ones. We have everything you need for your next special event.

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