Spill The Milk Carnival Game Rental


Our Spill The Milk carnival game rental is set up on the floor, making this a popular game for all ages. The Target age to play would be 5 years old and up. Players will need to have some skills at tossing the bean bags with accuracy to knock over the milk bottles. Throwing lines can be adjusted to suit the age and skill of the players if needed.

If you need carnival games in Aurora or the Chicago area, The Fun Ones offers a great selection including the Spill The Milk carnival game rental. This unique milk bottle tossing game requires players to throw beanbags at the bottles under the watchful eye of a barnyard cow. Good aim and throwing accuracy are required to be a winner at this game. Hinges on the milk bottles make re-setting easy for volunteers.

Combine the Spill The Milk carnival game rental with Feed N Time or the Cow Milking game for a heaping helping of down on the farm or County Fair fun! Add in some of our fun food machines and interactive inflatable rentals for a complete event package for your next School Fun Fair, Carnival or Church Harvest Festival event. For the ultimate in Country and Western fun, consider the Mechanical Bull for a ride to remember!Call today to see what our Carnival Games in Aurora selection consists of!

These skills are not for every game in our Carnival Games in Aurora section. Please allow at least an area of 5 ft wide by 8 ft long to play Spill The Milk comfortably. We provide all the accessories needed for playing the game. Our experienced team of event planners and delivery staff can help take the work out of planning and setting up your next rental of carnival games in Aurora, Naperville, Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. Please ask about our games rental packages and prize packages to make planning your next event fun and easy.

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