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During the summer, picnics and festivals wouldn’t be complete without the tasty cotton candy treat! So what better way to create new long-lasting memories at your next event than with our Cotton Candy Machine rentals? These easy-to-use cotton candy machine rentals will make it easy to help delivery tasty snacks to all of your guests in no time! Cotton Candy floss is fast to make, super tasty, and it comes in two colors: pink or blue! Some colors can be ordered ahead of time if there is a demand for it! Call and book yours today!

Renting a cotton candy machine is guaranteed to put smiles on any kids face. No kid can resist the taste and smell of fresh cotton candy. Cotton Candy became popular at the town festivals throughout the years. But, now you can have it at your event no matter the size. It is easy to use and is as much fun to make as it is to eat. Just choose your flavor and start handing out smiles. This is one of our favorites because it gives kids the feeling they’re at a festival or circus.

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Cotton candy machine rentals for Chicago and surrounding Chicago suburbs including Wheaton, Naperville, Carol Stream, and more!

Whether you are having a company picnic in Naperville, backyard birthday party in Glen Ellyn, graduation party in Wheaton, school carnival or Fun Fair in Carol Stream – a cotton candy machine rental will bring joy to all your guests.

At The Fun Ones, we provide everything you need in a rental to make it easy and convenient. Each cotton candy machine rental includes a plastic dome top. This is an important part of the rental because the dome top prevents the cotton candy floss from blowing around your venue. Most rental companies will not provide this to you or will charge you extra. With The Fun Ones it is included in your rental. Your cotton candy machine rental will also include a full half gallon of pink or blue cotton candy floss sugar. You choose what flavor you would like. You can choose both and mix them to create purple cotton candy. Your rental also will come with enough floss cones for each kit of cotton candy floss sugar you order. If you want your cotton candy machine rental on a cart, we do have cotton candy cart rentals.

How it works:

To make cotton candy, you pour the floss sugar in the center of the cotton candy machine. Once the floss head is full, you turn the power switch on. The floss head will start spinning and heating up. Once the floss head is at full temperature, the sugar will turn into floss and blow out of the head and collect in the mesh inside the floss bowl. Now it is your turn to put the floss stick between your fore finger and thumb. Place the stick against the mesh netting and twist the floss stick while rotating it around the bowl. It is that easy. After making 3 cotton candy’s, you are an expert.


Kosher and Pareve – Chabad Tri-State Kehilah Kosher
Serving size: 14g (0.5oz)
Servings per container: 104 (1oz)
Calories: 50
Total Fat: 0g
Sodium: 0mg
Total Carbohydrates: 14mg
Sugars: 14mg
Protein: 0g


Sugar, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, various FD&C colors, Glycerine
Boo Blue – May also contain propylene glycol, water
Silly Nilly Pink, Grape, Cherry Berry – Also contains Soy
Banana Bonanza – Contains Corn Products

What’s Included:

  • Cotton Candy Bubble Top
  • Half gallon of your choice of cotton candy sugar floss (Blue or Pink)
  • 75 cotton candy cones

Caution: cotton candy does not last long on high humidity days. The moisture in the air causes the cotton candy to shrivel.

Additional Accessories:

Cotton Candy Floss


We carry pink and blue flavors, but can order any flavor or color you may want. Special orders require a 10 day advance…

Frequently Asked Questions about our Cotton Candy Machine Rentals

Yes. The Cotton Candy machine can be placed into just about any vehicle. The easiest way to transport it is in the back or an SUV or Minivan. However, in can also be transported in a large car seat with the seat belt holding it in place. WARNING: Machine is made of metal and has many corners on it. You will want to bring protection for your car seats to prevent any damage to your seats.

An electrical outlet with 10.5 amps (1250 watts) is required to run the Cotton Candy machine. All concession machines come with a 3 foot cord. If you can not place the machine close to an outlet, a 12 gauge extension cord is required. If you do not own a 12 gauge extension cord, we can rent one to you to prevent any electrical problems.

Cotton Candy machines weigh around 30 pounds. Therefore, they must be placed on a sturdy table. A folding card table will NOT be sufficient. The best place to put a Cotton Candy machine is on a Cotton Candy cart that is specifically made for the machine. However, a counter top or commercial banquet table is also recommended.

No. The operator must be a minimum age of 18 years old. The Cotton Candy floss head gets extremely hot and can burn someone’s hand if they are not careful and it spins extremely fast.

Another great reason to rent from The Fun Ones is that you do not need to clean the machine. We will clean the machine.

Yes. However, we can not guarantee the performance of the machine since we have only tested it with our supplies.

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