Football Arcade Rental

Football Arcade Rental

The only football arcade rental in Chicago can be rented by The Fun Ones.  This is a game we created due to the demand for football arcades at corporate events, school carnivals, youth groups, and football parties.  This game is designed to test your accuracy of throwing footballs accurately to a target under time pressure.

How to play the Football Arcade Rental:

The intensity of the game is unmatched in arcades because two participants are playing at the same time side by side.  They are both competing against the same clock and for the same footballs.  Each football that is tossed through the hole scores 2 points.  But, during Football Arcade Rental for your next eventthe last 15 seconds each completed pass is worth 3 points.  If one or both of the participants scores more than 30 points, the game goes into overtime for another 30 seconds.  The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

Due to the skill required to throw a football accurately, the minimum recommended age is 12 years old.  This game does require electricity and works best indoors.  Direct sunlight makes the LED clock and scoreboard difficult to read.

If you are looking for an arcade rental for your next event, the football arcade rental willFootball Arcade Rental for your next event  be one of the highlights of the event.  When you rent from The Fun Ones, be assured your equipment will show up on-time, in great shape, and within budget.  We have more equipment registered with the State of Illinois than any other company.  This demonstrates the value we place delivering safe and certified equipment.  You also have the option to pay an additional fee to have our staff stay on site during your event just in case an emergency comes up.  Otherwise, you can be trained by our staff if you need to keep the costs down.