Giant Lite Brite


Remember playing with a Lite Brite when you were a child? Well here is your chance to play with it again in a BIGGER and BRIGHTER way! Introducing our Giant Light Bright/Lite Brite rental! This rental is the perfect rental for all ages. It’s exactly like the original peg board game just a giant version! The pegs are easy to to handle and hard to lose due to the fact that they measure approximately 1/2”. We have so many colors to choose from you will be sure to have a colorful piece of art! Watch and see what kinds of cool designs you and your guests come up with! Use the pegs and become your own artist to create your own bright masterpiece!

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If you are looking for something to brighten up your event this is the rental for you! This rental can be for professional and personal events. It can re rented for personal events like birthdays, weddings, homecomings, house warmings, and more. On the professional side it can be used for corporate events and conventions. It can even be turned into a giant logo for your company.  It can also act as a welcome sign for any event.

The Giant Lite Brite can also be a fun team building game for kids and adults alike. Race to see who can finish first or create an entire design with your team. It can also be used as a “breaking the ice” game when your guests first arrive. The Giant Lite Brite/Light Bright can help encourage the guests to intermingle and socialize with each other. Impress and amaze your guests with this eye-catching centerpiece at your next event.

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