Indoor/Outdoor Carnival Booth Rental

Indoor/Outdoor Carnival Booth Rental

Carnival Booth and Carnival Tent

We offer red and white striped carnival Booths for any type of event.  The carnival booths can be rented with just a top, solid backwall, and 3 side skirts.  These carnival booths work great indoors or outdoors.  The red and white stripes grab peoples attention and add to the vibe you want to create for your event.

Many customers will use these tents for a Medical Tent, Ticket Booth Tent, or Carnival Game Tent.  These tents are easy to spot even in crowded locations.  No matter what the use, it is easy for people to find these tents at your event.

Each carnival booth can be configured how you like them or based on the carnival games inside.  Some might want the skirt in the front if there are throwing games inside.  Other games may require people to stand inside, so you would only want the two sides on them.  Depending on the size of the carnival games, you can fit 1 or 2 games withen each booth.

These tents are great additions to any school carnival or company picnic.  We deliver all over Illinois including Naperville, Wheaton, Elmhurst, Chicago, and Evanston.


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