Rainbow Roll Carnival Game


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This colorful table top game is a traditional carnival or Fun Fair favorite. Players roll 3 balls down the lane to see if they can match 2 of the colors, combining skill and a little luck under the rainbow. An alternate challenge would be to have them land in 3 different colors. Requires a table for set up.

Rainbow Roll Carnival Game

Targeted Audience: We suggest anyone that can reach up to where the Rainbow Roll Carnival Game is set on can play. We recommend anyone over the age of 6.

Items Required: We ask the customer to provide a hard surface to set the Rainbow Roll Carnival Game on. Other than the table, well ask nothing else of the customer. We will provide everything to make the event a Fun One!

Space Requirements: This varies depending on the size of the table the customer provides. We do however, recommend an area that is at least62″L X 19″W X 12″H in order to ensure the game is played comfortably.

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