Spin And Win is roulette style, multi-player game that creates a colorful centerpiece to any Fun Fair or carnival. For the best in Chicago School Carnival games, look to The Fun Ones for exciting games like Spin And Win for your next Fun Fair or School Carnival event. Players choose their favorite color from 18 choices on the color boards. Your volunteer has all players choose their colors, and place a ticket or marker on their color. They then give the wheel a spin. One player tosses in the ball onto the spinning wheel. If the ball lands on their chosen color, they win! This game would require two tables for set up in a square. Multiple-player games help move players through the line faster, and a 1 in 18 payout is a great game for fundraisers.

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Combine Spin And Win with some of our other games of chance and skill to create your own custom games package. Our large Color Wheel has wipe off spaces to allow for customizing the payouts or the Color Wheel bin game brings the action in closer for younger players. Add on some of our fun food machines and interactive inflatable equipment for a complete event package.

We recommend that the target age group for playing Spin And Win be at least 5 years old and up. Players will need to be tall enough to see the color choices and place their marker or ticket on the one they choose. A volunteer can toss in the ball if all of the players are younger.

Please allow a space of at least 8 ft long by 7 ft wide to allow players to line up along the ends of the game on three sides of the tables. We provide all the game accessories for Spin and Win and all of our Chicago School Carnival games. For this game, you would just need to provide the tables for set up.

Give us a call and one of our experienced event planners can help choose just the right Chicago School Carnival games or games for a School Carnival in your town. We help take the work out of planning Fun Fairs, Carnivals and festivals so you can enjoy your day and make it a Fun One!

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