Tropical Water Slide – The Biggest Water Slide in the Midwest!

Tropical Water Slide

Amazon Water Slide

If you are having a tropical event this is the water slide for you! The colorful rainbows and palm trees will make you feel like you are in a tropical heaven! The tropical water slide rental is the largest inflatable water slide in the Midwest. If you ever wanted to go down the Amazon river now is your chance! We will bring the thrills to your event like you have never experienced before. Your guests will love the thrill of sliding down into the water below. The steep angle of the tropical water slide rental is designed to give riders enough speed to shoot themselves down the 35 foot slip n slide into the pool of water at the end. Kids will love the rainbows and the bright colors of the tropical water slide!

There is a single ladder that leads up to the double lane tropical water slide. The water comes out the top of the slide to keep the slide slick and fast. Sprinklers go all the way down the slip n slide so you can reach your maximum speed. You climb up the ladder and then you plunge all the way to the end and do it again and again! With the tropical water slide having two lanes you can race eachother to see who is the fastest! The tropical water slide is fun for all ages! Bring your inner child alive when you slide down the steep slide into the water! Kids and adults alike will love racing down the waterslide into the water. So if you are looking for a thrill like no other for your next event, rent the tropical water slide for your next event! Your guests are sure to have a huge blast racing down the 35 foot drop on the colorful slide into the water below!