Sumo Suit Rental – Addison, Mount Prospect, Itasca, Joliet

Sumo Suit Rental for Addison, Mount Prospect, Itasca, and Joliet

Nothing makes a party more exciting that watching a couple of your friends wrestle in giant sumo suits! With this idea in mind, we are proud to offer the best in sumo suit rentals! There’s a reason that these sumo wrestling rentals are some of our hottest Sumo Wrestling Rentalinteractive games, and that reason is that sumo wrestling is inherently funny, and is made even more so when the people wrestling are wearing fake sumo suits. The difference with us is that we use high-quality foam-filled suits as opposed to those cheap inflatable suits that many of our competitors use. The suits feel more authentic, and since they’re not inflatable, you don’t just bounce off your opponent!

These suits are great for high-school lock ins in Addison, birthday parties in Mount Prospect, bachelor parties in Joliet, and even corporate events in Joliet. Something about the nature of sumo wrestling makes these sumo wrestling rentals all the more ubiquitous in terms of what parties they work at. They work everywhere! Read more below:

  • $395.00 without staff members, $595.00 with staff members.
  • Two wrestlers every 10 minutes. Wrestling is done in 10 minute intervals, so we normally see a throughput of 12 people per hour.
  • You must be between 4’10” and 6’4” and at least 75 lbs to use the suits.
  • Our sumo wrestling rentals come with the suits, gloves, helmets, and wrestling mat.
  • We recommend you only use our sumo suit rentals in weather that’s 75 degrees or cooler.
  • 2 Volunteers or Fun Ones staff are required to help competitors in and out of their suits.
  • We pride ourselves on providing our customers as easy a rental experience as possible. When you rent from us, we do all the work. We deliver the sumo suits, get them prepped and ready, and even provide staff to help people into them and make sure everyone competes safely. We clean everything up and take it all away when the event is over. You never have to lift a finger!
  • We also have world-class customer support. Whenever you rent from The Fun Ones, we give you a 24/7 emergency hotline that you can use to reach us if something goes wrong with one of our products during your event. Seriously, call us day or night, someone will be there to help.

Sumo Suit RentalYou might be interested in some of our other interactive games. We’ve been in the business a long time, and have collected quite an inventory of crazy, fun, and outlandish games. We have mechanical bulls, giant slides, inflatable obstacle courses, wacky trikes, human-sized hamster spheres, rock climbing walls, mobile zip lines, Jacobs ladders, laser tag, and more! Dig around our site for something that’s just perfect for your event.

And please contact us with any questions about our sumo suit rentals or other services – we’ll be happy to help you plan your party.