Ride On Trackless Train Rental

We have the largest selection of train rides in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. If you plan to have the Trackless Train at your event, you must plan on it being the biggest attraction for young kids. Map out a path that you would like the train to take. Make sure the path is not where people will want to walk across. A child must be 30 inches or taller to ride the train without an adult with them. 72 inches is the maximum height allowed on the train. The maximum weight per train car is 600 pounds. There should be no more than 3 children or 2 adults per seat.

  • Trackless Train
    Wattman Electric Trackless Train
    $1195(4hrs) - 4 car
  • Trackless Train Rental
    $895 1 to 4hrs. $150 addtl hr. - 24 Riders
  • Trackless Train Rental
    Trackless Train Rental 3 Car
    $795 1 to 4hrs. $150 addtl hr. 3 Cars
  • Bumble Bee Express Electric Train Rental
    4hr- $1,195
  • train rental Chicago
    Royal Electric Train Rental
    $895 1 to 4 hrs. $150 addtl hr.