Wheaton Dunk Tank Rentals

Wheaton Dunk Tank Rentals

Dunk tanks are a great way to bring suspense and excitement to any party. EveryoneDunk Tank knows them, and everybody loves them! The premise is simple, a player hits the target and the “victim” falls into the water. These Wheaton dunk tank rentals are perfect for making your party memorable, and ensuring that your guests have fun.

We are a party rental company called The Fun Ones, known for being one of the best party rental companies around. Our excellent customer service, enthusiastic employees, and high-quality products are all part of our formula for providing an extraordinary service.

When looking for a dunk tank rental in Wheaton, we offer the following options:

  • Standard, traditional dunk tanks. These are your run-of-the-mill dunk tanks that everybody knows and loves. They feature a tank with a window so people can see when someone falls in.
  • Deluxe dunk tank rental – this option gives you a much larger dunk tank for a bigger splash. This dunk tank holds 500 gallons of water.
  • Pitch Burst Dunk Tank – this option provides a little twist on the traditional dunk tank. Instead of falling into a pool when the target is hit, a balloon full of water explodes over the “victim’s” head.
  • Silly Shower Dunking Booth – this option is for the safety conscious party renter. This dunk tank features a plexiglass both for a person to sit in. The player hits the target with a beanbag, and triggers a shower, which soaks whoever is in the booth. There is also another variation, where instead of beanbags, the shower is triggered by a golf putt.

We put a lot of effort into making sure that your renting experience is as hassle-free as possible. We provide support staff to deliver and set up any products that you rent from us. Our staff also maintain and supervise the equipment during your event so you never have to worry about our stuff – you can focus on entertaining your guests!

Please don’t hesitate to call to place an order, or ask any questions you may have about our service. We are happy to help plan for your party and accommodate all budget and spacing needs.