Wheaton Rock Wall Rental

Wheaton Rock Wall Rentals

A Wheaton rock wall rental can be the thing that makes or breaks your party. Rock walls rent-rock-climbing-wallare well loved by both kids and adults at all kinds of parties. Whether you’re hosting a local birthday party, putting together a school lock-in, or planning a county-wide carnival, your party probably has a place for a rock wall. The love of climbing is something that almost every kid has, and many people carry on that love through to adulthood, so give your guests an outlet!

We have several Rock Wall rentals in Wheaton for you to choose from:

  • A 25ft tall, 5 lane rock wall – this is by far our most popular wall for a number of reasons. It has the perfect blend of difficulty and casual fun. Five people can climb it simultaneously, allowing for high throughput of people. The faces of the wall differ, and offer unique challenges, such as navigating around a tree or waterfall.
  • 25ft tall, 3 lane rock wall – this wall is similar to the one above, but features two less lanes. The upside is that the rock face and texture of the wall are very realistic.
  • 32ft, 4 lane rock wall – this one is for our more ambitious climbers. This our tallest wall, and has a challenging overhang at the top to provide that extra challenge to your guests.
  • 28ft, inflatable rock wall – this wall is great if you have space limitations, or want a more casual wall that might be a little less intimidating. Since this wall requires less space, it’s a popular option for indoor events.

So who are we as a company? We are The Fun Ones, a party rental company that has climbed to the top of the industry through extraordinary customer service and high-quality products. We employ highly trained, enthusiastic staff that make your renting experience as easy as can be. Our staff deliver, set up, support, and supervise all our rented products, so you can focus on entertaining your guests.

Give us a call today, and we can answer any questions about pricing, space requirements, etc. We’ll also be happy to help plan your party and accommodate your venue and budget.