Dual Lane Mobile Zip Line

Dual Lane Mobile Zip Line Rides and Rentals Chicago IL

The buzz sweeping the nation is Zip Lines and we have one for your event in and around Chicago.  We offer the Zip line with the highest amount of throughput.  This means more people per hour will get a ride on our zip line than any other zip line on the market.

We are the leaders in Mobile Zip Lines. When you want to experience a zip line in Chicagoland and the Midwest, we are the recommended choice by corporate event planners. There are multiple manufacturers of ziplines and entertainment companies to provide the service. Choose the company with the most experience and perfect safety record.

The Mobile Zip Line sets up in 2 hours including the giant 22 foot slide attached to the zipline tower. There are two ziplines side by side so family and friends can zip together.

Have you ever wanted to try a Zip line Canopy Tour, but could not take the time or money to travel to Costa Rica or Hawaii? Now there is a much easier and cheaper way to Zip Line. The Fun Ones is proud to announce they have the only Mobile Zip line in the Midwest that will allow you to Zip Line for 100 feet at speeds up to 21 mph. As the pig in the Gieco commercials’ says “Pure Adrenaline”!

The nearest Dual Lane Mobile Zip Line is only a phone call away! Call us to have it brought out to your Festival, Company Picnic, Block Party, School Event, Church Event, and yes Birthday Parties. Experience the rush on the most exciting piece of mobile amusement equipment in the world today. The zipline stands 28 feet tall in the air and runs 100 feet of distance.  The zip line has two parallel zip lines and is designed for participants between 45 pounds and 200 pounds.


  1. A quick exit strategy that prevents participants from turning around and slowing down your line and preventing the giving refunds.
  2. Adds another exciting amusement option to the attraction. Two experiences in 1.

Here are the statistics on the Dual Lane Mobile Zipline:

  1. The Dual Lane Mobile Zip Line 100 feet in length
  2.  Maximum Speed is 21mph
  3. Total length required for installation is 180 feet.
  4. 2 zipline runs at a time.
  5. Can be set up on any surface.
  6. Cycle time is approximately 2 minutes for a set of riders. (This is an approx as younger kids run slower)


Inflatable Dual Lane Zip LineYes, you heard right! We also have an inflatable zip line for the events that just don’t have as much space yet would still enjoy this great rental! This, like the hard case version, can be set up either on grass or hard surface and indoor or outdoors if the space is available! If you are interested in this version do give us a call! If you are looking into booking this in the summer we suggest booking at least 2 weeks in advance!