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4/19/2014 – Hours of Entertainment

Hours of Entertainment!

Think about the last time you took your children to a birthday party. If it was just your regular party with cake and ice cream, we’re sure that they were happy enough to be there, but when you take them to the party with the bounce house, it’s a totally different story. Their eyes get really big, their face lights up and they couldn’t be more excited to be at this birthday party. Isn’t that how you want the guests at your child’s next party to be?

With bounce house rentals from The Fun Ones in Chicago, IL, you can ensure that your son or daughter’s party is the talk of the playground!

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Carnival Volunteer Challenges

How to take the fear out of volunteering!

Recruiting the number of volunteers needed to staff your School Carnival or Fun Fair can be a challenge. Here are some of the roadblocks that you may need to navigate in order to have a successful event. It should be a “Fun Fair” not a Work Fair.carnival volunteer

Fear of commitment– Volunteers may hesitate to commit to your event for the following reasons:

  • Work schedule may conflict with the times of the event.
  • Volunteers are afraid to be lured into committing to long hours, or too many events during the school year.

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