School Events

We offer tons of school party rentals, from mechanical surfboards to photobooths!

Working on events with schools and non-profits is a way for our company to give back to the community.  We take pride in serving those who want to serve others for the benefit of the community.  Though we cannot help every group, we try our best to help as many as we can.  The more flexibility you have, typically the more we can help.  If you are looking to have an event for the benefit of the community give us a call to see if we can help in some way.

Common school events we service:

Any kind of rental you can think of! Arcades, inflatables, photobooths, and more!

There is no other company in the Midwest that has as many choices for school carnivals and Fun Fairs as The Fun Ones.  We have gone to great extremes to find carnival games that are unique, durable, and exciting enough to grab the attention of all the participants at the event.  We became the largest supplier to carnival events in Chicagoland with our proven methods to ensure a profitable carnival or fun fair every time.

If your non-profit organization is planning an event, we will ensure  you have a great event.  We even have package pricing specifically for schools and churches to help get you the most value and make your event the most memorable it can be.

If you would like to learn more about the rental equipment and services The Fun Ones can provide for Schools and Non-profits in Chicagoland and surrounding Illinois communities, please contact us today.

See what a school event serviced by The Fun Ones looks like!

Check out the gallery below to see one school event that we provided party rentals for. This was Oswego High School in 2013 and we’ve only gotten better since then.