Extreme Ride Videos

Here are our extreme rides that we have videos of. Click on one of the products below to see the video on that product page.

A red dual lane mobile zipline it has a tall tower with a platform at the top, and a long, sloping staircase leading up to it. The zipline is suspended from the top of the tower and runs down to the ground to a white striped barrier with a yellow circle at the end of the zipline. The structure is mounted on a trailer with four wheels and is isolated on a white background.

Dual Lane Mobile Zip Line


A mobile zipline is a great way to add a huge element of excitement to your event. The thrill of traveling along a…

People playing on an inflatable Toxic Meltdown. It consists of an octagonal inflatable arena with a central pivoting arm mechanism. Participants stand on individual elevated platforms within the arena as they attempt to dodge or jump over a rotating sweep arm.

The Toxic Meltdown


If you are looking for an extreme ride for your next event look no farther! The Toxic Meltdown rental is an extreme…

A Royal electric train rental that has several connected carts on the train, and each one is filled with children enjoying the ride and an adult is seated at the front controlling the ride.

Royal Electric Train 3 Car Rental


We have just what you have been looking for! Our Royal electric train is available for your upcoming corporate event!…

An inflatable xtreme obstacle slide with an obstacle course to get up to the top of the slide and two sliding lanes to get down.

Xtreme Obstacle Slide


If you are looking for an extreme ride for your next event look no farther! The xtreme obstacle course slide is not…

A giant operation game on a white background.

Giant Operation


The Giant Operation Game is the perfect add on to any venue, any event! Just like the classic operation game, we grew…