Pinball Machines

Bounce your way to a high score with our pinball machines!

Pinball machines have long been a staple of any arcade event, and they still serve as the perfect arcade rental. Our pinball machines rental are great for tons of different kinds of events, ranging from corporate parties, to birthdays, to block parties, sales meetings, weddings, bat mitzvah’s, and more! They work just about anywhere, because they’re so approachable and easy to play.

Compliment other arcade games with a pinball machine rental.

They also work as the perfect rental to add variety to an event that already has some classic arcade cabinets, table games, or racing games. Anytime somebody needs a break from working the joystick on a classic arcade game cabinet, they can just switch over to one of our pinball machine rentals for a quick couple of rounds!

Pinball can be quick, easy fun, but the more experienced players out there know that each pinball machine has its own quirks and features, and what seems simple at first can actually be deceptively complicated. Targets must be hit in a certain order to open lanes and other targets up so you can maximize your score. Collect letters to open up a score multiplier lane, and be careful not to hit the wrong thing to erase your progress! Each pinball machine we have is beautifully complex and in perfect working order. Take a look below!