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If you are looking for extreme fun and something unique, the Euro Bungy it is! A super trampoline system, that enables the participant to jump over two stories high accomplishing gravity defying maneuvers. Multiple bungee cords are attached to a harness (in which the jumper is safely secured) which super boost the traditional trampoline experience, giving a gravity defying ride that has all the adrenaline of bungee jumping, but none of the risk.

Anyone from 30 pounds to 200 pounds can Bungy jump and bounce. Each person is safely in a harness that allows them to bounce over 20 feet high!!! If you are daring, you can do front flips and back flips. The Eurobungy accommodates up to four bungy jumpers at once. We can also setup half the jumping stations for events with limited space.

The Taste of Chicago

We do provide the Eurobungy’s for the Taste of Chicago each year. If you were not able to ride the Eurobungy at the Taste of Chicago, call us and get a list of all the local villages we provide the Eurobungy for each year.

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