Linen Rentals

Linen Rentals for Parties and Events in Chicago, Illinois and surrounding suburbs.

Table linens allow you to morph the look and feel of your room or tent into something truly special. There are a variety of colors, fabrics, sizes to choose from, so you can find something to fit your style and your budget. But before you can get into selecting linens, you need to be aware of the different types of linens and their properties.

  • Classic Poly or Standard Linens:
    These are the most economical of all the linen fabrics and are available in the widest variety of color and sizes. Classic Poly tablecloths are the most versatile of all the fabrics and can be dressed up with Overlays or Runners for weddings, or left as is for a graduation party or birthday party.
  • Picnic Check Linens:
    These checkered linens are the perfect way to add that classic checkered look to any party. These linens come in red and white, blue and white, or green and white. They are available in standard sizes for both round tables and banquet tables.
  • Imperial Stripe Linens:
    These striped linens are the classic color on color linen. The stripes are slightly darker bands of color on the linen. Poly Imperial Stripe Linens add a subtle elegance to any table, no matter the special event.
  • Lamour or Satin Linens:
    With a matte finish, the Lamour linens are the most common fabric for linen upgrades. The rich colors and softness of the fabric have made these linens a classic for linen rentals.
  • Pintuck Linens:
    With their raised diamond pattern, the Pintuch linens add texture and dimension to any table. Though limited in color choices, Pintuck Linens make perfect Table Runners and Highboy Table Overlays.
  • Bichon/Crush Linens:
    The Bichon or Crush linens add intrigue and texture to tables with their unique wrinkled look that leads to variations in the fabric.
  • Crinkle or Twist Linens:
    Take the look of the Bichon Linens one step further by increasing the crinkles or twists to encompass the entire linen. As Tablerunners or Chair Ties, Crinkle Linens are beautiful.
  • Shantung Linens:
    The Shantung linens are the rental linen that is truly reversible. This lightweight linen offers its users the choice of a matte side or the equally impressive shiny side. When a tie or runner is added as an accent color, reversing the finish adds more depth to your colors.
  • Bengaline Linens:
    The Bengaline linens are a heavy weave poly with a slight metallic shimmer.

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