Jukebox Rental

Jukebox Rental

Juke Box machine

Juke Box Controls SMLThe 1950’s bubbler is the most popular jukebox of all time.  It is a symbol that represents the days of when rock n roll was started and people would gather to listen and dance together.  When you want the 50’s feel to your next event, rent the juke box that started it all.  The Bubbles of air perk merrily to the top of the 8 bubble tubes, while a “Kaleidoscope” of colors flows through 4 color translucent cylinders. It’s the 50’s all over again when the changer flips the CDs right in front of you. Incredible sound quality with dual stereo amplifier and 5-speaker, dual 3-way system for “Live” performance reproduction.

1950’s Antique Bubbler Jukebox Rental


Juke Box Controls Lit SMLWith the jukebox rental from The Fun Ones, you not only get a fabulous looking jukebox, you get a jukebox filled with thousand of songs.  The value of the jukebox is not only in what it looks like and sounds like, but the music selection provided in the jukebox.  Make sure you do not rent just a jukebox, but one that is filled with the right music to bring back the memories from yester year.

When the jukebox rental is delivered, you will have the option to allow your guest to walk up and select their own songs, or preprogram the songs you would like played throughout the evening.  We also leave 10 CD slots open for you to put your own collection of CD’s in.Juke Box Ful Lit SML

For large venues, additional speakers can be added to balance out the sound throughout the space.

Whether you are doing a high school reunion in Chicago, a high school lock-in in Naperville, an anniversary party in a backyard in Glen Ellyn, or a birthday party for someone special in Aurora or Lisle a Jukebox Rental from The Fun Ones is guaranteed to bring back memories from the past as well as create new ones that evening.