Wet or Dry Slides

Flexible, inflatable slide rentals for Chicago (and Chicago suburb) parties and events.

Our wet or dry slides can be adapted to become water slides, or stay as regular dry slides. This allows for great flexibility for whatever kind of event you’re planning, so whether you’re looking for a way to stay cool and have fun on a hot summer day, or are just looking for a slide for a backyard birthday party, look no further.

Why rent from us?

When renting an inflatable slide from The Fun Ones, you can expect best-in-class service and support. To start with, we can help you plan your event based on your budget, available space, expected number of guests, and any other relevant factors. Once you’ve decided on which equipment would work best for your event, we finalize the order and take it from there! We deliver all the equipment, set everything up, supervise activities (when necessary) for the entire duration of your event, and finally tear everything down and haul it away! As the customer, you don’t have to lift a finger! You’re free to enjoy your event and mingle with your guests.