Tent Rental for 200+ People

Here are some layouts of our various tents with various seating arrangements so you can choose one that works for you! These are just a few of the possibilities when planning your tent layout.

These are just suggestions for layouts, you’re free to come up with your own way to arrange everything! However, in our experience, providing customers with these diagrams better shows just how big each tent really is, and gives some perspective to the whole tent rental process.

Remember that people need breathing room, and little bit of space around tables is always a good thing.

Tent Package Layouts

These layouts work great for just about any party! You can see just how many tables and chairs can fit under each of our tents. Delivery is not included in the below prices, please provide us with a zip code to determine what the delivery cost will be.

40′ x 60′ Frame Tent, 240 Seats, Round Tables

Package Includes: 40’x 60’ Frame Tent 240 Folding Chairs 24 6' Round Meeting Tables Contact us for pricing. Delivery…