Festival Tents

Available in all shapes, sizes, and colors, our festival tent rentals are perfect for any kind of event.

Our festival and event tents are great for many kinds of use cases, from dining tents, to bingo tents. We can set up a package that fits your exact needs, depending on space available and budget. Our festival tent packages include everything you would need, including tents, tables, chairs, linens, lighting & decorations, sidewalls, tent heating/cooling solutions, and more. Just give us a call or send us an email and our planning experts will work with you to set up a tent rental package that’s perfect for your event. Down below are some common use cases that we’ve seen with our tents.

Striped Tent Tops

Add some color to your event! Striped tops can be combined to signify the kind of activity taking place, or can be matched up with the colors of a flag. They’re great for carnivals, birthday parties, craft fairs, and all kinds of other events. We often use them as tent covers over carnival games. The color combinations include blue and white, green and white, yellow and white, and red and white.

Registration Tents

Use our tents as registration tents at volunteer check-ins, marathons, and other events where visitors check in. These tents can help keep your workers and staff out of the elements.

Dining Tents

Dining tents are usually the largest tents at any carnival or festival. You want your guests to be in the shade and out of the elements while they eat so they will stay at your event as long as possible. Our high peak and frame tents are perfect for setting up large covered spaces, and we even offer many pre-assembled packages that come with tables and chairs included.

High Peak Vendor Tents

These tents give a great look to any type of event, and are commonly used by vendors to showcase their products or games.

Large Festival Tents

Fit an entire event under one of our massive festival tents. We’ve used these tents for birthday parties, large weddings, Oktoberfest events, and corporate parties as well. These tents can fit a lot of people, and we’ve put together packages that include tables and chairs, as well as a floorplan for how everything would be arranged.

Beer Tent

Serve food and drinks out from under one of our tents. These go well with our popcorn and sno-cone machines.

Bingo Tent

Keep your guests entertained, no matter what age they are. We typically set up bingo tents with staging and a sound system so that the numbers called out are easy to hear. These also go well with some of our bingo and raffle rentals.

Band Stage Tent

This tent is for covering the band, DJ, or other entertainment you might have at your event. Performs usually have expensive equipment that must be protected from the elements, and our tents are up for the task. We can customize the tent to cover the stage, and keep all electronic equipment covered.