Post Prom Rentals

So students made it through their senior year and they’re expecting a great bash-call us for the latest post prom rentals! We update our inventory at least once a year and have the new cool rentals that everyone is asking for! We have done post proms for years now and we seem to have it down! Our high school clients always come back to us because the know we will offer the best post prom rentals!

Even if it’s not a prom dance, if it’s any other type of dance-give us a call! We will be more than happy to share our ideas with you to help make the dance a Fun One! Our Post Prom rentals vary from the traditional tables and chairs to the more fun Strike A Light, Arcades, Archery, Giant Twister, Jumbo Tumbling Tower, Inflatables, Obstacle Courses and more!

If you aren’t too sure if we service your school, just give us a call! Chances are that we do! We service the outer skirts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs! We don’t only offer post prom rentals, we also offer carnival rentals for elementary schools, field day rentals, and much more! Call us to book post prom rentals today


Post Prom Package

$895 + delivery

Pick 1:

  • Strike a light
  • Classic stand up arcade
  • Dart Board

 Pick 1:

  • Karaoke Deluxe
  • Black Lights
  • Pinball

Pick 2:

  • Foosball Table
  • Pop a Shot electric
  • Quarterback Attack
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Inflatable Skeeball

All 3 of the above for just $895 + delivery!
This Post Prom Package is ideal to have for the celebrating high schoolers! This package can be set up indoor or outdoor and is great for both girls and boys! Everyone will be entertained! Not only is this good for high schoolers, but this is a great package for middle schoolers as well and any dances they may have!