Racing Games

Satisfy your need for speed with our incredible and immersive arcade racing games! Delivery and setup to Chicago events and surrounding Chicago suburbs.

Our racing game arcade rentals have consistently proven themselves to be some of our biggest sellers due to their interactivity, immersion, and pure fun. Race through city streets on a motorcycle with our Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders rental! Speed through canals and waterways on futuristic water vehicles in Hydro Thunder. Explore futuristic city highways at hundreds of miles an hour in Rush 2049. Play as one of the infamous crew of the Fast and the Furious on 12 wildly different, gorgeous tracks in one of 17 tricked out rides. If that isn’t enough, then maybe you want to race through the arctic tundras and glaciers of the world on ultra-fast snowmobiles in Ultimate Arctic Thunder! From cars, to motorcycles, to snowmobiles, to futuristic boats, we’ve got whatever kind of racing you want!

Race against a friend and compete to see who can make it across the finish line first.

Many of these racing games are multiplayer, allowing you to race against a friend sitting right next to you in true arcade fashion! We’ve found that these racing games are a great way to add a modern section to any arcade themed party in Chicago, Melrose Park, Itasca, Hazel Crest, or Evergreen Park. We service just about any suburb around Chicago, as well as downtown Chicago itself. Click one of our racing game rentals below for more information and gameplay!