Bounce House / Water Slide Combos

The perfect inflatable rental for any residential event. Bounce around, cool off, then do it all over again!

Beat the summer heat with the largest selection of water slides in the Midwest. If you are looking to have a party at a water park, now you can have a water park in your own backyard. Let the kids work up a sweat and tire themselves out bouncing around, and then cool off and refresh by going down the attached water slide!

Our water slides will have adrenaline pumping and kids screaming as they go down the slides. The best thing about having a water slide in your backyard is there are no lines to wait in. The kids will exhaust themselves climbing to the top and sliding to the bottom nonstop all day.

What is a Bounce House / Slide combo?

These combo inflatables are bounce houses that have slides attached to them. They often have other attractions as well, like inflatable basketball hoops attached on the side. These are great value because some kids will prefer the slide, and some will prefer to bounce around. When they get bored with one thing, they can switch!

Why we’re the best choice in bounce house & inflatable slide rental.

Not only do we have a huge inventory of bounce house and water slide combo inflatables, but we’re also widely considered to be best-in-class in terms of customer service and support. We’ve been in the party rental business for two decades, and have streamlined our entire process to be as easy and hassle-free for our customers as possible. Our staff delivers your bounce house, sets everything up, and will supervise the fun for the entire duration of the event. You’ll be free to tend to your guests and enjoy the party instead of worrying about the kids in the bounce house. Afterwards, we pack everything up and leave the place exactly how we found it. We can also make recommendations on what exact rentals would make the most sense based on your budget, expected guest attendance, space available, etc. Just reach out and we’ll help you plan!

What Bounce House Combos do you carry?

We have a huge inventory of these bounce house water slides, and we also carry the tallest water slide in the Midwest! But we’ve got more than that. We also carry foam machines and dunk tanks for all ages. We have dunk tanks that can go indoors or outdoors, and are the perfect complement to a water slide rental. Dunk tanks have always been a leading money maker at fairs, carnivals, and block parties. Check out our inventory below. You can click the blue filters to sort the inventory, and even use the filters for more advanced searching, price sorting, etc.

Castle Double Slide with Plunge Pool


The inflatable Castle Double Slide is one of the best units we offer: it has a bounce house and a water slide that…

Castle Double Slide with Landing


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Castle Jump N Slide with Pool


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5 N 1 Scooby Doo


This licensed Scooby Doo bounce house features spectacular artwork of Scooby-Doo and his friends. This Scooby 5-in-1…

5 n 1 Multi Slide w/2 Hoops Outside


Looking for a moonwalk that can keep everyone happy and engaged? Our 5 n 1 Multi Slide w/ 2 Hoops Outside is perfect…

Castle Double Slide Combo


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5 N 1 Royal Castle with Twister Game


The 5n1 Royal Castle Combo Moonwalk with Twister Game is one of the most popular combo moonwalks we have! Not only is…

Castle Jump & Slide


Our Castle Jump & Slide is a unique type of moonwalk which makes it hard to come by during those hot summer days!…

Tropical Double Slide Combo


This Tropical Double Slide Combo is one of our popular items that is almost always booked during the hot summer days!…

4n1 Frozen Slide Combo


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4N1 Princess Carriage


Trying to plan the perfect party for your Princess? Our brand new, 4 N 1 Princess Carriage is exactly what you've been…

4N1 Princess Slide Combo w/Hoop


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4 N 1 Modular Combo Inflatable w/Hoops


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Castle Jump And Slide with Landing

Our Castle Jump And Slide With Landing is a great addition to any summer event! This water slide allows kids to jump,…

Tropical Double Slide with Pool

Just like the other water slide combos, this water slide allows kids to jump, climb, and slide all in one unit. You…