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Wedding Tents allow people who love the outdoors to build an outdoor banquet hall. It would be difficult to create the ambience of an outdoor wedding indoors.

Our wedding tents are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20 feet wide to 60 feet wide. Listed below are our most popular Wedding Tent Packages. Each tent package is a starting point to customize to your special event. If you reach out, we can help plan everything from tent size, to table arrangement, and more. We’ll put together a custom made wedding tent rental package that fits your venue, style, and budget. We also offer some seating guidelines as a starting point for how much space you may need for the number of guests at your event.

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Seating Diagrams

Here are some common seating and table size arrangements that you can use when planning your event.

What goes under the tent?

Remember that that there may be other items that have to go under your tent when you are planning your guest seating arrangement. DJ’s, dance floors, buffet tables, bars, beverage tables, etc. are all examples of items that have to be accounted for when planning the layout. The general rule is to place the big stuff first (dance floor, head table, band riser, etc.) and then place the guest tables.

How many people to a table?

We always ask our customers how many people they would like to seat per table. Most people tend to say 10 guests to a table. It’s an easy number to work with on paper, but it doesn’t always work well with table sizes, space available, and tent layout. Furthermore, depending on the tables you’re planning on using, 10 guests to a table may feel cramped and uncomfortable.

48″ Round Tables

48″ Round tables generally seat 6-8 guests and work well for areas where larger tables won’t fit. They also work well when the tent layout has both round and long tables. These tables are great for family seating near the head table during weddings, or as a special table to seat the bride, groom, maid of honor, and best man.

60″ Round Tables

These are the standard size seating table when it comes to tent seating layouts. These tables can comfortably seat 8 guests but you can fit as many as 10 guests per table with no problem. The 60″ diameter size are a good balance between having enough space to eat and still maintain a good conversational distance between guests.

72″ Round Tables

72″ Round tables can fit up to 12 people, but have a few disadvantages. It’s hard to have a conversation with someone that’s sitting 6 feet away from you, and centerpieces need to be bigger to fill the 4 foot area in the center of the table. These larger tables also tend to be harder to place efficiently under tents and create more unusable space under the tent.

6′ Long Table

These tables will seat 6-8 guests but we don’t recommend that anyone sits on the ends. 6′ long tables are generally set end-to-end in tents and other spaces that are less than 30″ wide.

8′ Long Tables

If you prefer longer tables, these 8-foot-long tables will seat 8-10 guests. We discourage seating 10 guests at these tables because the table legs can make things cramped for people. When set end-to-end, these long tables can create a beautiful setting when mixed with round tables.