Giant Slides

Breathtakingly large slide rentals for parties/events in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Our giant slides are some of the largest available inflatables on the market. These towering slides are sure to provide an awesome thrill for anyone that dares go down them. Towering over any venue, these slides often become the main attraction of any event we rent them out to.

A massive 40-foot inflatable Mammoth water slide. It has a blue color with white accents and features a wave on top of the slide and multiple arched sections along a lengthy sliding area leading to a pool landing.

40 Ft Mammoth Water Slide


Slide down the 40 ft slide and splash into the pool below. The towering slide gives a rush of adrenaline as you drop…

An inflatable xtreme obstacle slide with an obstacle course to get up to the top of the slide and two sliding lanes to get down.

Xtreme Obstacle Slide


If you are looking for an extreme ride for your next event look no farther! The xtreme obstacle course slide is not…

An inflatable cliff hanger slide rental. The slide has two lanes and is grey in color. There is a man standing at the bottom of the slide, giving a sense of scale.

Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide


At 27 feet long, the Cliff Hanger Slide is one our largest inflatable slides and most exciting party rentals. Every bit…

An extreme two-lane giant slide rental on a white background.

Xtreme 2 Lane Giant Slide


Looking for some excitement at your upcoming event? Our Xtreme 2 Lane Giant Slide is the perfect inflatable rental to…

An inflatable dragon castle slide rental the inflatable slide is shaped like a dragon's tower. The slide is gray and white, with a red dragon head and wings emerging from the top.

Dragons Castle Slide


If your goal is to “Wow” at your upcoming event, then be sure to rent our inflatable Dragons Castle Slide! This slide…

An inflatable Atomic Drop slide that consists of two parallel sliding lanes and has a black, yellow, and gray color scheme it is designed to be climbed up from the back and slid down from the front.

Atomic Drop


Are you looking for an extreme ride for your next event? Well have we got the perfect slide for you! The Atomic Drop is…

A large Wild Rapids inflatable water slide. It is designed to resemble rocky rapids, with a slide that has a flowing blue water effect curving into a pool landing.

Wild Rapids Water Slide Rentals


This Wild Rapids water slide rental will give you the experience of going down the chilly rapids in the mountains. This…

22-foot corkscrew water slide with plunge pool on a white background.

22′ Corkscrew Water Slide w/Pool


After numerous requests for a taller slide that fits in a smaller space, we introduce the CORKSCREW!! It is an…

An inflatable pirate ship slide rental on a white background.

Pirate Ship Inflatable Slide


If you and your mateys want to be Pirates of the Caribbean at your next event, your gonna need a ship to sail in. Your…