Sports Games

Test your sports skills in the virtual and actual world!

Sports game arcade rentals go a long way towards elevating an event from a good time, to fantastic fun that guests will remember for months or even years to come. Our sports games have a huge variety to them, and can be played by almost anyone, young or old, slow or fast. We’ve got sports-related table games such as ping-pong or air hockey.

Combine our sports games with classic arcade games to keep your guests entertained.

We’ve got other classics like foosball and double shot basketball. And to top it off, we’ve got a ton of racing arcade games to balance it out. These sports games all compliment each other so well, and guests never get bored due to the sheer variety of different games available. If they get bored of shooting pool, they can go race in the futuristic cities of Rush 2049. After that, they can go challenge a friend to a game of double shot freethrow basketball! The fun will continue for hours and hours. Check out all our various sports related rentals below.

We take care of everything from delivery, to setup, to teardown.

A note about our service: we at The Fun Ones take great pride in being a one-stop-shop for anybody’s arcade rental needs. This means that from the very beginning, we work with our customers to help them plan for their event based around where their venue is, how many people are attending, the age range of those who will be playing our games, and their even themes. We make recommendations on which rentals are age appropriate, how many rentals you might need, which arcade rentals compliment each other the best, etc. After you’ve decided which rentals you need, we deliver them to your venue, set them up, provide supervision, and pack everything up after the event is over, leaving you free to tend to your guests instead of worrying about equipment.