Sports Games

Test your sports skills in the virtual and actual world!

Sports game arcade rentals go a long way towards elevating an event from a good time, to fantastic fun that guests will remember for months or even years to come. Our sports games have a huge variety to them, and can be played by almost anyone, young or old, slow or fast. We’ve got sports-related table games such as ping-pong or air hockey.

Combine our sports games with classic arcade games to keep your guests entertained.

We’ve got other classics like foosball and double shot basketball. And to top it off, we’ve got a ton of racing arcade games to balance it out. These sports games all compliment each other so well, and guests never get bored due to the sheer variety of different games available. If they get bored of shooting pool, they can go race in the futuristic cities of Rush 2049. After that, they can go challenge a friend to a game of double shot freethrow basketball! The fun will continue for hours and hours. Check out all our various sports related rentals below.

We take care of everything from delivery, to setup, to teardown.

A note about our service: we at The Fun Ones take great pride in being a one-stop-shop for anybody’s arcade rental needs. This means that from the very beginning, we work with our customers to help them plan for their event based around where their venue is, how many people are attending, the age range of those who will be playing our games, and their even themes. We make recommendations on which rentals are age appropriate, how many rentals you might need, which arcade rentals compliment each other the best, etc. After you’ve decided which rentals you need, we deliver them to your venue, set them up, provide supervision, and pack everything up after the event is over, leaving you free to tend to your guests instead of worrying about equipment.

Glowing 9-Hole Mini Golf Course


Introducing the 9 Hole Glow Golf mini putt putt. The latest craze in amusements is to turn down the lights and make…

Ultimate Big Punch Deluxe


Our Deluxe Boxer Punching Arcade is one of the most popular punching arcade games in the amusement market. Its simple…

NBA Jam (4 Player)


This one and only NBA Jam Arcade cabinet is a 4 Player arcade game by Midway. NBA Jam allows up to four players to…

NFL Blitz


Get in the American spirit with our NFL Blitz Arcade! Players choose an official NFL team, each with unique statistics,…

Power Pong


PowerPong™ takes a classic party game and brings it to the modern world. The game is simple. The cups come up…

Big Buck Hunter Arcade


If you are looking for the ultimate arcade hunting experience in Napervillle, Chicago, or Carol Stream, you should try…

Pool Table Rental


Pool table Rentals continue to be a favorite at events because there are so many variations of the game and the easy…

Air Hockey


Air hockey is a fast paced action game that is sure to please all ages. Players only need to be tall enough to reach…

Dome Table Hockey


Dome Table Hockey also known as Bubble or Rod Hockey because of the very distinguished, indestructible dome that covers…

Hot Shot Basketball


Our Hot Shot vintage basketball arcade game is a hot hit among everyone who plays it! There is a moving basketball hoop…

Golden Tee 2019


We understand how important and popular arcade game rentals are, especially if they are classic games like Galaga and…

Extreme Hunter Arcade Machine


Extreme Hunter Arcade Machine puts you deep in the middle of the woods with various types of animals in their natural…

NBA Jam (2 Player)


NBA Jam was the first arcade machine rental to hit to take the sports genre into an extremely unrealistic, over-the-top…

Golden Tee 1999


Now you can practice your golf game at your next event in Carol Stream, Wheaton, Naperville or the Chicago area with…

World Class Bowling Arcade


World Class Bowling Arcade by Incredible Technologies is a highly realistic bowling arcade game. You can play up to…

Arachnid Galaxy 2 Dart Board


The Galaxy II Electronic Dart Board is made by Arachnid, the leader in commercial grade arcade-style dart boards. This…

V Ball Arcade Cabinet


Our Volleyball Arcade rental is definitely geared for all of the volleyball fanatics! This vintage Volleyball Arcade is…

Foosball Tables


Are you the type that likes table games over video games? Try Foosball for the thrill of competition and fast and…

Electronic Dart Board


Looking for something different to rent to entertain all ages at your next event? For hours of fun, try our soft-tip…

Pop A Shot Electric


Pop A Shot is a fast paced basketball game where excitement builds as time is running down. It can be played by all…

Ping Pong Tables


Ping Pong tables are a great game for 1 on 1, 2 on 1 or 2 on 2. A great game that anyone can play and can get…