Table Games

Rent a foosball table, ping-pong table, air-hockey table, or any other table game for your event in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Our table game rentals are always a big hit at all the kinds of events we service. We’ve got everything from foosball, to darts, to air hockey, the timing-tester ‘vault’ game, ping-pong, billiards, and more! These are the perfect arcade rentals to intersperse with our classic arcades to provide that blend of variety at your event. Whenever guests want a break from the joystick controls of our classic arcades, they can wander over and shoot some pool for a while! Between all our different table game rentals, we’ve really got something for everyone.

We take care of the entire process – from start to finish.

We’re a one-stop-shop for all arcade and party rentals, which means that from the very first step of the rental process, we work hard to make everything as smooth as possible. We guide you through which rentals make the most sense based on your venue, number of guests attending, and general age range of people who will be using our equipment. We even help work around event themes and recommend appropriate rentals. Once you know exactly what you’re renting, we deliver it out to you venue, set it all up, supervise it for the duration of your event, and pack everything up when the event is over! You never have to do a thing with our equipment and are free to tend to your guests for your whole event!

Giant Operation


The Giant Operation Game is the perfect add on to any venue, any event! Just like the classic operation game, we grew…

Power Pong


PowerPong™ takes a classic party game and brings it to the modern world. The game is simple. The cups come up…

Pool Table Rental


Pool table Rentals continue to be a favorite at events because there are so many variations of the game and the easy…

Air Hockey


Air hockey is a fast paced action game that is sure to please all ages. Players only need to be tall enough to reach…

Dome Table Hockey


Dome Table Hockey also known as Bubble or Rod Hockey because of the very distinguished, indestructible dome that covers…

Foosball Tables


Are you the type that likes table games over video games? Try Foosball for the thrill of competition and fast and…

Electronic Dart Board


Looking for something different to rent to entertain all ages at your next event? For hours of fun, try our soft-tip…

Ping Pong Tables


Ping Pong tables are a great game for 1 on 1, 2 on 1 or 2 on 2. A great game that anyone can play and can get…