Elmo’s Sesame Street Club Moonwalk

If you have to plan a party for your lovable one and the theme is “Elmo,” we have got you covered!! Our Elmo’s Sesame Street Club Moonwalk is sure to be a great hit at your next event. It will have both parents and children in awe with all the colorful decals is has to display. The little ones love is since it’s so big and colorful! Don’t hesitate and book it for your event today!

The Measurements:

Our Elmo’s Sesame Street Club Moonwalk measures15’Lx15’Wx17’H in total. The actual jumping area measures about 13’Lx13’W. We ask that the customer provides an area that is at least19Lx19Wx18H to ensure the moonwalk fits within the designated area. This and most of our moonwalks can be set up on grass, indoor, or hard surface set up, it is up to what the customer wants!

The Fun Ones will provide all that is needed to run the Elmo’s Sesame Street Moonwalk but we only ask the customer to provide the following:

1. Full supervision for the duration of the event
2. (1) 20amp eelctrical circuit within 80ft of the moonwalk

Call one of our event planners today to see what other inflatables or carnival games will go great with your themed event. We make the booking process a breeze so call us today!

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