40′ Backyard Inflatable Obstacle Course


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If you were looking for a fun obstacle course but don’t have a huge space be sure to rent our 40′ Inflatable Obstacle Course! This obstacle course has many of the same items as our bigger obstacle courses but without taking so much space!

In our 40′ Inflatable Obstacle Course the participants start at the Tunnel Crawl, and get into the Log Jam. Then they must crawl over a hurdle, run through tackle dummies, and through the mouse hole. Finally, they reach the large slide for the finish! This may sound easy but once it turns into a competition all that you hope is that you waste no time and land perfectly through every obstacle! This obstacle course is geared for kids that are 6 and up.

Our 40′ Inflatable Obstacle measures40’Lx10’Wx13’H but we do ask that the customer provides a total area that is at least44’Lx14’Wx13’H to ensure the obstacle course fits appropriately. Also, we ask that the customer provide full supervision for the duration of the event as well as (2) 20amp electrical outlets within 80ft.

If you wanted to book this 40′ Inflatable Obstacle Course to create your own complete obstacle course, do let one of our sales staff know! They will be more than happy to recommend other items to make your event a Fun One! Currently, The Fun Ones offers its services to the outer skirts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. There are some exceptions and out-of-state orders can be made! Call and book the 40′ Inflatable Obstacle Course today!

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