Laser Tag Rental

Laser Tag Rental

Our Laser Tag Rental comes in two versions – Bunker Field or Arena.  The laser tag arena is one of the largest Laser Tag Arenas made. There are endless corridors, passageways, and Laser Tag Maze inside nooks to keep you hidden from your opponents. Go into the maze with your team through separate doors armed with laser guns and targets. The team that disables all of the targets of their opponents is the winner. You get a choice of fields to choose from. There is a Laser tag maze or a Laser Tag Bunker Field. We carry laser tag maze rental in Chicago & suburbs so call today!


laser tag maze  Laser Tag Maze inside


  Professional Laser Tag Guns

Laser Tag Maze insideOur laser tag guns will give you realistic play.  Each gun has a headband with sensors and a gun with sensors.  That means when someone sticks their head out or gun out to shoot, they are vulnerable to being shot themselves.  Even if they try to cover a sensor, they still have 3 other sensors to shoot at.  The guns shoot distances of over 570 feet in full sunlight! Our headband targets are lightweight and easy to wear, greatly outclassing vests. Because we have 360 degree headbands it allow for realistic marksmanship in a comfortable design.

Indoor / Outdoor Laser Tag Rental

Laser Tag Bunkers

Our laser tag field can be set up indoors or outdoors. Our inflatable bunkers can be laid out custom for your space and skill level.

This exciting new field sport has all the excitement of other shooting and hunting sports without the danger. Outdoor Laser Tag is sweeping the globe, and The Fun Ones is leading the way with the longest range guns and headband sensors. If you have a field or large backyard, the laser tag game will fit.  Kids and adults both love the thrill of Outdoor

Laser Tag Bunkers

Laser Tag. And since all we shoot is a beam of invisible infrared light, no protective clothing is needed! Give us a call today and start experiencing the benefits of the best new shooting sport, Outdoor Laser Tag!


Our brand NEW Laser Tag Special Forces rental:

Get these NEW Armageddon style bunkers for the laser tag rental for a bigger “WOW” factor!  These bunkers provide a more realistic setting with more places to hide and strategize your attack.  These large bunkers add $195 to the rental.

laser tag bunkers Chicago