New Indoor Event Space!

We have some exciting news here at The Fun Ones! We have opened up a new indoor event space at our Saint Charles location. If you need a place to hold your next birthday party, business meeting, baby shower, or any event, we have the perfect place for you.

Our Services

The two rooms we offer are perfect for parties of all kinds. Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your child, a graduation party, or a family reunion, our rooms can accommodate your needs. We offer a large, versatile space that can be customized to fit your unique requirements. Our space is perfect for children’s parties, with plenty of room for bounce houses and other inflatable attractions.

In addition to parties and corporate events, our venue can also be used for a variety of other functions. We offer a versatile space that is perfect for concerts, art shows, and other cultural events. We are also able to provide a variety of equipment and amenities that are essential for these types of events, including stage lighting, sound equipment, and more.

Our rooms are not only large and versatile but are also designed to be attractive and inviting. We understand that creating the right ambiance is crucial to the success of any event, and we have gone to great lengths to create a space that is both visually appealing and functional.

We have paid close attention to the little details that can make a big difference, such as comfortable seating, parking, lighting, and excellent acoustics. The rooms are also equipped with a variety of amenities that are essential for hosting successful events. We offer ample parking for guests, as well as wheelchair accessibility. Whether you’re planning a large-scale event or a more intimate gathering, we have everything you need to make your event a success.