Arcade Machine Game Room Packages

Arcade Machine Game Room Packages

Put together a game room package tailored to your event.

We can put together a Game Room Package customized for your event.  Events include Sales Meetings, Team Building, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, 40th Birthday Party, and more.  Call us and let us know how many people and the ages of your guest.  We will put together a package with the right number games and types of games for your type of event.   A room full of games and no coins needed.  We set all the games to FREE Play.

Giant Games

Giant Games

Our giant game rentals are great for both kids and adults alike!

These giant game rentals are always a hit, regardless of where, or for what kind of event we set them up. We have a huge variety of these jumbo game rentals, from giant Jenga, to jumbo twister, to giant chess, or checkers. Kids always love these enormous versions of their favorite games, and the novelty lasts all the way for the duration of the event.We’ve seen kids spend hours with our Giant Tumbling Tower rental or our dual-sided Jumbo 4-Spot/Tic-Tac-Toe Rental.

Our giant game rentals are great for all kinds of events!

No matter what kind of party you’re throwing, be it a corporate party in Winfield, a birthday in Libertyville, a carnival in Skokie, or even a fair in Joliet, we’ve got you covered. We at The Fun Ones pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for arcade and party rental, so as soon as you begin the rental process, we do everything we can to make everything go as smoothly as possible. This includes us delivering our equipment to your venue, setting it up, supervising it, and cleaning it up after your event is over. You never have to worry about our equipment during your event, and you’re left free to attend to all your guests.

We can help plan your event.

We also are happy to help plan and coordinate our rentals for your venue. Customers often aren’t sure how many rentals are needed for their number of guests, or which rentals best compliment each other. We are always happy to offer our assistance and help plan around your event based on how many guests you have coming, or their general age, or even if the event has a theme! Check our all our available giant game rentals below:

Giant Operation


The Giant Operation Game is the perfect add on to any venue, any event! Just like the classic operation game, we grew…

Zap A Mole


We have reinvented the classic ‘whack-a-mole’ arcade game by adding Interactive Play Systems. Instead of the mole…

Giant Kerplunk


Our Giant Kerplunk is a blast from the past with a huge new twist! The object of the game is to skillfully remove the…

Giant Inflatable Plinko


For your next School Carnival, Fun Fair or birthday party The Fun Ones can give the best variety of amusements like our…

Giant Inflatable Connect 4


A twist on the classic connect 4 game, our Giant Inflatable Connect 4 is a giant inflatable version! It is great for…

Giant 4 Spot / Tic Tac Toe


Our Giant 4 Spot/ Tic Tac Toe rental is ideal for company picnics or family reunion events! This is a two-in-one game…

Jumbo 4 In A Row


If you have ever played the famous family game, Connect 4, you will love our Jumbo 4 In A Row game! This game is very…

Inflatable Twister Game


Right foot green. Left foot yellow. Twister is back, only now it's played on a giant inflatable mat. Up to 10 people…

Tic Tac Throw


We have put a spin on the traditional and ever-popular Tic Tac Toe carnival game rental! We would like to introduce our…

Giant Twister Game


Here's a favorite childhood game with a big twist: this Giant Twister Game has 400 square feet of play area to…

Tumbling Tower


If you love to play the family game, Jenga, then you will love playing our bigger version: Tumbling Tower. This game is…

Jumbo Checkers


If you love playing the "Jumbo" games at your local arcade, you will love playing our Jumbo Checkers! This is a great…

Pinball Machines

Pinball Machines

Bounce your way to a high score with our pinball machines!

Pinball machines have long been a staple of any arcade event, and they still serve as the perfect arcade rental. Our pinball machines rental are great for tons of different kinds of events, ranging from corporate parties, to birthdays, to block parties, sales meetings, weddings, bat mitzvah’s, and more! They work just about anywhere, because they’re so approachable and easy to play.

Compliment other arcade games with a pinball machine rental.

They also work as the perfect rental to add variety to an event that already has some classic arcade cabinets, table games, or racing games. Anytime somebody needs a break from working the joystick on a classic arcade game cabinet, they can just switch over to one of our pinball machine rentals for a quick couple of rounds!

Pinball can be quick, easy fun, but the more experienced players out there know that each pinball machine has its own quirks and features, and what seems simple at first can actually be deceptively complicated. Targets must be hit in a certain order to open lanes and other targets up so you can maximize your score. Collect letters to open up a score multiplier lane, and be careful not to hit the wrong thing to erase your progress! Each pinball machine we have is beautifully complex and in perfect working order. Take a look below!

Sports Games

Sports Games

Test your sports skills in the virtual and actual world!

Sports game arcade rentals go a long way towards elevating an event from a good time, to fantastic fun that guests will remember for months or even years to come. Our sports games have a huge variety to them, and can be played by almost anyone, young or old, slow or fast. We’ve got sports-related table games such as ping-pong or air hockey.

Combine our sports games with classic arcade games to keep your guests entertained.

We’ve got other classics like foosball and double shot basketball. And to top it off, we’ve got a ton of racing arcade games to balance it out. These sports games all compliment each other so well, and guests never get bored due to the sheer variety of different games available. If they get bored of shooting pool, they can go race in the futuristic cities of Rush 2049. After that, they can go challenge a friend to a game of double shot freethrow basketball! The fun will continue for hours and hours. Check out all our various sports related rentals below.

We take care of everything from delivery, to setup, to teardown.

A note about our service: we at The Fun Ones take great pride in being a one-stop-shop for anybody’s arcade rental needs. This means that from the very beginning, we work with our customers to help them plan for their event based around where their venue is, how many people are attending, the age range of those who will be playing our games, and their even themes. We make recommendations on which rentals are age appropriate, how many rentals you might need, which arcade rentals compliment each other the best, etc. After you’ve decided which rentals you need, we deliver them to your venue, set them up, provide supervision, and pack everything up after the event is over, leaving you free to tend to your guests instead of worrying about equipment.

Table Games

Table Games

Rent a foosball table, ping-pong table, air-hockey table, or any other table game for your event in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Our table game rentals are always a big hit at all the kinds of events we service. We’ve got everything from foosball, to darts, to air hockey, the timing-tester ‘vault’ game, ping-pong, billiards, and more! These are the perfect arcade rentals to intersperse with our classic arcades to provide that blend of variety at your event. Whenever guests want a break from the joystick controls of our classic arcades, they can wander over and shoot some pool for a while! Between all our different table game rentals, we’ve really got something for everyone.

We take care of the entire arcade rental process – from start to finish.

We’re a one-stop-shop for all arcade and party rentals, which means that from the very first step of the rental process, we work hard to make everything as smooth as possible. We guide you through which rentals make the most sense based on your venue, number of guests attending, and general age range of people who will be using our equipment. We even help work around event themes and recommend appropriate rentals. Once you know exactly what you’re renting, we deliver it out to you venue, set it all up, supervise it for the duration of your event, and pack everything up when the event is over! You never have to do a thing with our equipment and are free to tend to your guests for your whole event!

Racing Games

Racing Games

Satisfy your need for speed with our incredible and immersive arcade racing games! Delivery and setup to Chicago events and surrounding Chicago suburbs.

Our racing game arcade rentals have consistently proven themselves to be some of our biggest sellers due to their interactivity, immersion, and pure fun. Race through city streets on a motorcycle with our Harley-Davidson & L.A. Riders rental! Speed through canals and waterways on futuristic water vehicles in Hydro Thunder. Explore futuristic city highways at hundreds of miles an hour in Rush 2049. Play as one of the infamous crew of the Fast and the Furious on 12 wildly different, gorgeous tracks in one of 17 tricked out rides. If that isn’t enough, then maybe you want to race through the arctic tundras and glaciers of the world on ultra-fast snowmobiles in Ultimate Arctic Thunder! From cars, to motorcycles, to snowmobiles, to futuristic boats, we’ve got whatever kind of racing you want!

Race against a friend and compete to see who can make it across the finish line first.

Many of these racing games are multiplayer, allowing you to race against a friend sitting right next to you in true arcade fashion! We’ve found that these racing games are a great way to add a modern section to any arcade themed party in Chicago, Melrose Park, Itasca, Hazel Crest, or Evergreen Park. We service just about any suburb around Chicago, as well as downtown Chicago itself. Click one of our racing game rentals below for more information and gameplay!

Classic Arcade Games

Classic Arcade Games

Take a trip down nostalgia lane with these classic retro games!

Enjoy some of our classic arcade games such as Pac Man, Galaga, Tempest, Centipede, Burger Time, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and other classics! We’ve found that our retro arcade rentals are loved by both kids and adults alike! Adults love them because it reminds them of the golden age of arcade games, and often takes them back in time back to when they were hanging out at arcades, digging around in their pockets for that next quarter. Kids love them because they’ve already been born and raised with video games, and are already great at them!

Retro arcade cabinets to bring back that authentic arcade feel.

The retro authentic feel of our arcade rental cabinets adds color and excitement to just about any kind of event, be it a corporate party in Naperville, a wedding in Oak Park, a birthday party in Lemont, or a school lock-in in Lombard or St. Charles. We have over 80 different arcade rentals, 13 of which are classic cabinet-style arcade machines. Keep it retro, or feel free to add in the modern games such as Big Buck Hunter or Fast and the Furious Racing!

Our multicades feature dozens of classic arcade games in a single cabinet.

Our classic game cabinets often include multiple games in one arcade cabinet rental. For example, our Arcade Legends machines has over 80 classic games that you can choose from to play!

Our arcade machines must be set up indoors and cannot be delivered anywhere where they have to be carried up steps, as they are very heavy and delicate. They must have access to (1) 20 amp power supply within 5ft. of where they are being set up. These arcade game rentals are great for kids of any age, as long as they’re big enough to reach the controls!