Trackless Train Rental

Trackless Train Rental

Trackless Train rentals & other party supplies for events in Chicago, IL & all surrounding suburbs

Having a trackless train at your next event in Chicago, IL, or any of the surrounding suburbs will be a great surprise for all of the children at your party. At The Fun Ones, we can provide trains and a huge variety of other party rentals that will help make your event a success and fun for everyone. As a full-service event rental company, we offer everything from party tents to carnival games, and will take care of the delivery, setup, and removal of all of the products you order from us.  So, whether you’re planning a school carnival, a corporate event, a private birthday party, a family reunion, or any other type of event, you can trust The Fun Ones to provide you with the rentals you need.

Ordering a trackless train for your event will provide hours of entertainment for the children, and can even help set the theme for your party. We have years of experience in the party planning industry and can help you put together a party package that includes all of the rentals you may need at a price that fits into your budget.

Check out some of our other party rentals:

In addition to the trackless train, some of the other rentals we can provide as part of your party package include:

Best-in-class Service & Support

When you order a trackless train or any other party rentals from The Fun Ones, you’ll benefit from our excellent customer service. We’ll provide around-the-clock support throughout the duration of your event and can even send an event attendant to operate the equipment and make sure everyone is having fun and playing safely.

For more information about having a trackless train, or any other party rental from The Fun Ones at your next event in Chicago, IL, or any other nearby community, contact us today.

Mobile Ziplines

Mobile Ziplines

Zip Line Rentals for Events in Chicago, IL & Throughout the Surrounding Suburbs

If you’re interested in having a zip line at your next event in Chicago, IL, or any other nearby suburb, you’ve come to the right place. The Fun Ones is a leading supplier of mobile zip lines and other party rentals for the region, and we have a strong track-record of helping make events entertaining and safe for everyone. As a one-stop-shop for all of your party rental needs, we can help you put together a party package that will make your event a success and fit within your budget. So, whether you’re in charge of planning a community carnival, a corporate event, a family reunion, or any other type of event, turn to The Fun Ones and we’ll provide you with the rentals you need.

Zipline Setup and Size:

The mobile zip line we provide can be installed in as little as an hour and can range in distance anywhere between 100 and 200 feet, depending on the size of the space you have available. With two parallel lines, participants can have fun riding simultaneously and encouraging each other throughout the experience. And for anyone who is intimidated by the initial sight of the zip line, our rental has a 22-foot inflatable slide that provides an enjoyable and quick exit.

Zipline Specifications:

Below is some additional information on the zip line rental we provide:

  • Maximum speed is 21 mph
  • Each rider’s turn, including harnessing, takes about 3 minutes
  • The rental stands at 28-feet tall
  • Coil brakes allow for smooth stops
  • The rental can be set up on virtually any surface

Safety is our #1 priority

At The Fun Ones, we make safety a top priority. Our professionally trained event attendants will pay careful attention to riders and onlookers throughout the duration of your event to ensure that everyone has a great time and stays safe.

For more information about having our zip line rental, sumo suits, a trackless train, or any of our other equipment at your next event in Chicago, IL, or any other nearby area, contact The Fun Ones today.

Mechanical Bulls

Mechanical Bulls

Looking for a mechanical bull rental in Chicago, IL? Turn to The Fun Ones.

A mechanical bull rental can end up being the life of the party at your next event in Chicago, IL, or any other nearby area. At The Fun Ones, we provide a wide array of event rentals and have experience setting up our rentals in a variety of different spaces. So, if you’re planning a church or school carnival, a birthday party, a corporate celebration, or any other type of event, we’ll be able to provide the event rentals you need. And, as a full-service rental company, we’ll take care of the delivery, set up, and take down of the rentals you order, so you can focus on planning the other aspects of your party.

See our mechanical bull rental in action!

Safety is our #1 priority

When it comes to a mechanical bull rental, safety is our top priority. Every mechanical bull is operated by one of our staff members who is safety certified by the Event Planners Association and will oversee the use of the mechanical bull throughout the event. This person will have control over the speed and bucking power of the bull, and will give each participant a custom ride based on their size, age, health condition, and skill level. The inflatable landing area provides soft landings, and our bulls even have rubber heads to make the ride less dangerous.

We do more than just mechanical bull rentals

In addition to a mechanical bull rental, the other rentals we offer include:

All of the equipment we rent is inspected annually by the State of Illinois, and we use antibacterial disinfectant on all of our equipment before and after every use.

Contact The Fun Ones today to learn more about the rentals we provide for events in Chicago, IL, and the surrounding areas.

Rock Climbing Walls

Rock Climbing Walls

Chicago's tallest portable rock climbing walls.

Mobile rock climbing walls are a great attraction for fundraisers in Chicago, Grand Openings in Naperville, company picnics in Schaumburg, corporate events Oak Brook, indoor conventions in Rosemont, promotional events, birthday parties, church events in Barrington, youth camps, reunions, company parties, fairs and community events in Wheaton.  We carry the largest selection of rock walls in the Midwest.

What rock wall rentals do you offer?

Take a look below at our rock climbing wall rental options. We have 3 different walls with a variety of lanes and sizes.

How to choose the right rock climbing wall for your event

There are many factors to consider when selecting a rock climbing wall. The size of your event, will determine the throughput needed on the rock wall. Throughput is the amount of participants per hour that can use a ride. When it comes to rock walls, the factors that contribute to the throughput are

  1. Number of climbing lanes
  2. Difficulty of the climbing lanes
  3. The height of the climbing lanes
  4. The age of the participants

The most important of these is the number of climbing lanes. The more climbing lanes on the rock wall the more throughput. Most rock walls have either 3 or 4 climbing lanes. However, the best rock walls have 5 climbing lanes. These may cost a little more, but guarantee the highest throughput at an event. The goal at any event, is to keep the lines moving and people happy having fun.

What should I look for when renting a rock climbing wall?

When ordering a rock wall from a company, you want to make sure there is a variety of difficulties on the climbing lanes. If all the lanes are easy or all the lanes are hard, there will be unhappy participants. To keep everyone happy, you want to have a rock wall with easy, medium, and hard lanes. This allows beginners to progress throughout the event and move up a level while giving experienced climbers a challenge.

Height of the rockwall is also important. If the rockwall is too tall, it will lengthen the amount of time the participants spend climbing wall. This makes lines more slower. If the wall is too short, it is not challenging for most adults. The most desirable heights are between 25 feet and 28 feet.

Age of the participants effect the throughput also. The younger the child the more challenging it is for them to reach the next rock hold. This can cause kids to move very slowly on the wall. Some kids may get half way up and decide they do not want to go any further, but are also concerned about coming back down. So, it is always difficult to determine what your throughput at an event will be.