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We are currently selling all of these party rentals. If you’ve ever wanted to own a bounce house or other attraction, now’s your chance!

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Pop Noggins Music Video


Pop Noggins Music Video is the latest advance in green screen technology. Have your guest lip sync to their favorite…

Boot Camp Obstacle Course


Competition and fitness combine for the ultimate challenge in our Boot Camp Obstacle Course. Reserve this massive…

Green Screen Photography


Green Screen Photography creates a fun and interactive photo experience that generates excitement among event attendees…

9 Hole Classic Mini Golf


Our 9 Hole Classic Mini Golf set is the ideal rental to get for a summer event! This rental will go perfect with any…

Slam Dunk Basketball Court


Run, jump and slam dunk the basketball with our Slam Dunk Basketball Court rental! If you have never been able to slam…

2 Person Inflatable Pedestal Joust Rental


Did you every play King of the mountain when you were a kid? Now you can play it again!! Grab your headgear, giant…

17′ Climb N Slide Inflatable Slide


This 17' Climb N Slide is a new addition to The Fun Ones inventory, but has proven to be quite popular for school…

Midway Inflatable Carnival Deluxe Game


This Midway Inflatable Carnival Game has a different design than our other Midway games! This Midway Inflatable…

18′ Giant Slide


The shear size of this inflatable will increase the excitement level of every guest at your event. This giant slide…

5 n 1 Multi Slide w/2 Hoops Outside


Looking for a moonwalk that can keep everyone happy and engaged? Our 5 n 1 Multi Slide w/ 2 Hoops Outside is perfect…

Sesame St. Playground


Our Sesame Street Playground inflatable rental is a fun and friendly place for your younger guests to spend hours of…

24′ Obstacle Course


Our little ones deserve to have some fun too right?! Our 24' Obstacle Course rental is the perfect inflatable obstacle…

Castle Maze


Planning a party for an adventurous group of kids? Our Castle maze is a perfect fit for your event! The Castle maze is…

Pink Dragon Costume Rental


Fits Adult 5' - 6' 2"

Killer Whale Costume Rental


Killer Whale Costume Rental

Inflatable Birthday Throne


Are you looking to make the birthday child feel like a King or Princess? Then the inflatable birthday throne is just…

Pick A Pop Carnival Game


Our Pick A Pop carnival game rental is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next Chicago School Carnival or a Fun Fair in…

Coin Pitch Cats Carnival Game Rental


Coin Pitch Cats Carnival Game Rental consists of three cats that stand up waiting for players to toss coins to see if…

Milk Can Toss


If your theme for your event is western then we have you covered! One of our most popular AND affordable games is the…

Bean Bag Clown Carnival Game Rental


Players at the Bean Bag Clown game toss three beanbags to see if they can land at least two beanbags in any of the four…

XL Batters Up

Players use their throwing skills to see if they can toss beanbags into the openings on the baseball background on…