Big Foot Racers

If you have a family picnic or fundraiser coming up, be sure to rent our Big Foot Racers today! These are neat rentals that will sure bring lots of laughs at your event! Everyone, young and old, will love racing with our Big Foot Racers! This is a rental that will bring everyone together and is a great ice breaker!

The Big Foot Racers are able to be picked up by the customer if they have a pick up truck (these are quite long). The Fun Ones is also able to deliver these if they are part of a package. The Fun Ones currently services the outer skirts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Some suburbs that we service are, Hoffman Estates, Evanston, Oak Park, Joliet, Lemont, Bolingbrook, Oak Lawn, and many more! Call and see if we service your area!

To play Big Foot Racers, two teams of 3 people must move as a team to get their Big Feet across the finish line first. It sounds easy, but boy does it create total laughter amongst the crowd! If the participants are not in sync, it will become quite challenging to win the race!


  • 2 Sets of Big Feet

Customer must provide:

  • Full supervision for the duration of the event
  • An area that is at least 30×30 for the races

Call and book the Big Foot Racers today!

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