Big Splash Dunk Tank

Big Splash Dunk Tank Rental

If you want a dunk tank but don’t want the little ones to fall into a tub of water, be sure to check out our Big Splash dunk tank rental! This is what we call an ‘alternative’ dunk tank and it is suitable for all ages! This is the perfect dunk tank if you have little kids up to grandparents at your event!

This Big Splash dunk tank rental is great for family reunions, family picnics, corporate events, fundraisers, races, birthday parties, and much more!

With the Big Splash dunk tank, the customer will only need to provide a water hose to attach and stay on for the duration of the event. How this dunk tank works is we will attach the water hose towards the bottom left corner of the tank. On the attachment there is a dial that controls the water turning on Big Splash Dunk Tankand off. You will simply turn the dial on wait for the bucket at the top to fill up and then turn it off. The participant will then throw the ball to hit the target and once it’s hit the bucket of water will unlatch from the top lever to dunk the water on the participant!

This is a perfect dunk tank if you are pressed for time and can’t allow a 3 hour delivery window since it is so quick to wheel it into place! If you are interested in this BRAND NEW dunk tank call today!

We are able to deliver this Big Splash dunk tank rental to most Chicago suburbs including, but not limited to, Carol Stream, Bartlett, Batavia, Barrington, Schaumburg, Highland Park, Oak Brook, and many more!