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When it comes to planning a company picnic, block party, or even a wedding, one of the most important items to get are tables and chairs for your guests! If you need any of these or event a tent rental, we can certainly help with that!

We have different types of chairs available, one to suit every event! We have brown folding chairs, black folding chairs, white folding chairs, and white garden chairs as well as dark wood garden chairs! If we were to choose the top two chairs that people always rent are either the brown folding chairs or the black folding chairs.

People tend to really like the black folding chairs since these are suitable for both casual and more formal events! At only $1.50 per chair you can’t go wrong with these! If you would like to talk about renting these black folding chairs or any other rental, please let us know! We’d be more than happy to help!

We currently offer the black folding chairs as well as table rentals for pick up only. Unless you meet the minimum for a delivery, which is $150 if you’re local, we wouldn’t be able to deliver. If you meet the minimum, we can certainly deliver to your event! We currently service the outer skirts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. If you would like other party rental recommendations or if you have any concerns please call us today!

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