Castle Double Slide Combo

Being one of the newer rentals that we carry, the Castle Double Slide Combo moonwalk has definitely grown to become one of the most rented items that we carry! It is great for any time of year! This moonwalk is perfect for those residential parties, block parties, basically any type of party! Call and book this Castle Double Slide Combo moonwalk today.

This wet/dry combo is certainly one of the most popular items that we carry. It is convertible, from wet to dry. You can rent this moonwalk during those hot, blistering Chicago summer days and have it as a “wet” combo. This means you can add either a landing or slide to it and attach a water hose to be kept on for the duration of the event! In the blink of an eye you have a water slide/moonwalk for your event! Or, you can choose to book it dry meaning you will only get the moonwalk part of it (two slides are attached to this unit). Our Castle Double Slide Combo is such a versatile rental everybody wants it! The only catch is we must know upon booking which version you would like to the right attachment is booked.

Our Castle Double Slide Combo moonwalk rental measures 28’Lx13’Wx18’H but we do ask that a total area of at least 30’Lx15’Wx20’H (dry) and 43’Lx18’Wx20’H (wet). The dry Castle Double Slide Combo requires (1) 20amp electrical outlet within 80ft and full supervision for the duration of the event.

The Fun Ones offers its services to the outer skirts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. If you have a theme to follow for your event do let one of our sales staff know and they will be more than happy to suggest other great rentals to help make your event a Fun One! Call and book the Castle Double Slide Combo today!

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