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This Chicago mechanical bull rental comes with an Octagon arena for any rider that is willing to step into the ring. This bull ride arena takes up the smallest amount of space of any of our mechanical bulls. This smaller mechanical bull arena is great for smaller indoor venues or any outdoor event. All of our Chicago mechanical bull rentals are great for western theme parties, festivals, corporate events, and high school lock-ins. Because we control the speed of the spin and buck of the bull, we can run it slow for the young cow pokes and turn it up faster for the older more agile riders.

Each bull comes with a trained operator and rubber head on the bull to keep the riders safe. For each rider, we start slow and increase the speed based on each persons ability to stay balanced on the bull. If you are renting a bull somewhere else, make sure it has a rubber head for safety.

When you are looking for a unique piece of entertainment for your next event, consider a mechanical bull, mechanical surfboard, mechanical armchair football quarterback, or mechanical Wipeout Eliminator. No matter the what group of people you will have at the event we have an amusement to keep them entertained.

Chicago Mechanical Bull Rental Requirements: Each bull ride requires (2) 20 amp wall circuits or a gas generator with (2) 20 amp circuits (outdoor use only). It also requires at least 1 trained operator.


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