Color Wheel Carnival Game

Step right up and try your luck with our Color Wheel carnival rental game! Players can choose one of the six bright colors, and then give the wheel a spin. This game will attract players of all ages who will love the sound and the suspense of waiting for the wheel to stop. If it lands on their color they win! Multiple players can take a chance at the Color Wheel carnival game rental to keep the line moving faster. Each player would need to choose a different color from the wheel. For an added bonus, the white space on the Color Wheel carnival game rental can provide a larger prize or a bigger payout of redemption tickets since there are higher odds for winning on that color.

This game requires a table for setup. We also offer floor standing prize wheels for an exciting option. The Color Wheel carnival game rental is a volunteer favorite, no pieces to pick up or reset! Combine with some of our other classic or color-themed games to create your own custom games package. For a complete carnival package, add some of our fun food machines or colorful interactive inflatables to your list.

We recommend that the target age group for the Color Wheel carnival game rental be age 3 and up. Players will only need to be able to reach the wheel to give it a spin. This game contains some small parts, but player tickets can be used in place of the small game markers if younger players are present.

Please allow a space of at least 4 ft wide X 4 ft long to comfortably play the Color Wheel carnival game rental .

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