Dora the Explorer


Dora the Explorer is such a phenomenon and we can definitely help you make your themed party a fun one! Please let us help you book the Dora the Explorer bounce house for your kids’ party!

Dora The Explorer is such a hit on its own, but if you get our Dora the Explorer bounce house you will surely wow all the kids in attendance! Not only can kids hop in there , but older sibling, parents, uncles, even grandparents can hop in there too!

For kids under the age of 5 we recommend that no more than 9 kids hop in there at once. If kids are between the ages of 6-11 we suggest that no more than 6 kids be in there at once. For older teens and adults we limit this to 4 for safety.

If you booked a venue and would still like our Dora the Explorer bounce house for your event we will need to know the dimensions of the room at the time of booking. This way we can ensure the delivery and set up process is a breeze on the actual day of your event! Not only can we set this up indoors, but of course outdoors as well: either on grass or hard surfaces.

As long as the event is within our delivery range we can deliver it to you. We currently deliver to the outer skirts of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. If you are unsure if we deliver to your area just give us a quick call! We most likely do!

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