Glitter Tattoos


Glitter Tattoos add excitement to any party. Tattoo’s provide entertainment for guests of all ages. No electricity is needed, so we can setup anywhere. It is a proven hit at any event not only for kids and teens but also enjoyed by adults. Our glitter tattoo’s will last up to 7 days. These tattoo’s are waterproof and will last through showers and swimming. To remove the tattoo’s, just scrub with soap and water.

We can create a custom tattoo just for your event. Whether it is someone’s name, company logo, or theme. Just send us the graphic file and we can have your tattoo’s ready for your event. There is a small charge for the setup.

Artists can do around 30-40 tattoos in 1 hour (approximately 2 minutes per child). You can also choose to pick up the kit from our location and it will include 150 tattoos and everything that you need to create magical masterpieces!

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