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The hot weather usually implies parties, parks, picnics…what better way to bring yummy food to your next event than with one our our Hot Dog machines? The hot dog has been around for ever but it is the perfect food item to have at any party. It is fast, convenient, filling, but more importantly it is delicious!

Hot Dog Machine Rental – Chicago, Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora, Glen Ellyn

How A Hot Dog Steamer Works:

This hot dog machine rental is perfect for picnics, carnivals, concession stands or anywhere that the All American hotdog is loved. The hot dog machine has a bottom reservoir that you fill with water at least one hour prior to your event. We recommend you pour in warm or hot water. The machine has a heating coil that sits in the reservoir. This coil heats the water to the point where the water turns to steam. It is the steam that heats the hot dog and bun chambers. It is important to note that after 4 hours of use, you will need to add more warm water to the reservoir. Once the machine is steaming, it warms hotdogs and buns in 20 minutes. It will also keep them warm for the entire party. You supply your favorite hotdogs and buns and the machine will do the rest! Easy to use, easy to serve with an 80 – 90 dog capacity and 30 – 40 bun capacity.

Other delicious treats:

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Call us today to see what other rentals our staff can recommend for your special event! Have a unique theme that you want to follow? No problem, our inventory has something for every theme!

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